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 Posted: Thu May 18th, 2017 09:04 pm
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Brunzell had some really good matches against Curt Hennig albeit in the job role at the end of the day when Curt was just coming into the WWF. Would have been really good AWA title matches circa 87-88 for my money, and would have felt a lot different in that circumstance.
That match main eventing Vegas or St. Paul would have had that little bit more to it than the opener on a New Jersey house show card. Considering those WWF matches were good, imagine if they would have meant something?

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 Posted: Fri May 19th, 2017 05:55 am
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srossi wrote: Superstar wrote: srossi wrote: I believe both had some singles matches before they were thrown together as a team seemingly based solely on the fact that their names started with a "B". Blair was always a strange signing, a bland undersized guy with little territory cred. Brunzell was more of a star based on his AWA run with Greg Gagne, and they put over his dropkick like a million bucks. Other than that, they were mainly cannon fodder for heel teams and were used to eat up 15-20 minutes on house shows a lot. I never saw them as a threat to the tag titles.I thought Blair was a "Hogan Guy" from Tampa.  And he got signed because Hulkster liked him.  And I'm pretty sure Hulkster liked Brunzell from his AWA days, but at that point in time Vince would have signed the entire AWA just to fuck Verne.
No doubt Brunzell was signed just to screw Verne. I'm not aware of much of a Hogan-Blair connection though, and I'd like to hear about that. Who did Hogan really bring in other than Beefcake?  I've heard Honky Tonk Man, but I think that's people buying into his storyline entrance (he was very briefly a babyface and Hogan's "friend"). I'm not aware of a real history between them, although they did apparently become friends in the WWF and Hogan got him his WCW job. 

Here is a place where Honky Tonk talks about Hogan bringing him in.  He has said this in shoot interviews a couple of times I think.

Honky Tonk explains it again at the end of this short clip:

Bundy also credits Hogan for bringing him in:

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