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Sgt. Slaughter/Super Destroyer Marque 2 questions  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Sat Aug 12th, 2017 12:08 am
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I just watched an 1980 AWA interview where Super Destroyer Marque 2 fired Lord Al Hayes and hired Bobby the Brain Heenan.  They followed it up with a match vs. Greg Gagne.  In the match he is still called Super Destroyer Marque 2, but is no longer wearing a mask.
The end of the match was kind of convoluted Super D. M3 distracted Slaughter and allowed Gagne to get the pin.  Slaughter and Heenan started putting a beatdown on Greg, but Marque 3 then sort of deters the beat down on Gagne.  Did this angle go anywhere?  You would think M3 might want to lay a beating on Sarge, but why would he protect Gagne.
How long did he stay Super D?  
When did he become Sgt. Slaughter?  
Was Super D his first wrestling persona?
Where did he go after the AWA?  I know he was an NWA Tag Champion and then I believed he moved on to the WWF.
My first time seeing Slaughter was in the WWF with the Grand Wizard when the WWF moved to the USA Network. 
Who were the  Super Destroyers M1 & M3?

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 Posted: Sat Aug 12th, 2017 12:38 am
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The original Super Destroyer in the AWA was Don Jardine in 1977 and 1978. He left in late March or early April of 1978 in a very abrupt and unplanned manner. Super Destroyer Mark II was on the scene within the week. He had been around early on in his career as Bob Remus and then was DI Bob Slaughter in Central States, doing an early version of his best known gimmick.

Super Destroyer Mark III arrived in the summer of 1979 as a partner for SD Mark II. He was always portrayed as the lesser of the two. He was someone to get pinned in tag matches to spare SD Mark II from taking a loss. SD Mark III, who was Neil Guay from Montreal and the Hangman in the WWF circa 1980-81, worked lower on the card in singles bouts.

Super Destroyer Mark II unmasked at several arenas in late 1979 and early 1980. It depended on how far behind an area was on the tapes. They did this same thing with unmasking Super Destroyer Mark III. I think they even somehow alternated who unmasked where and when and also had some unmaskings that went as more of the babyface getting the hood and the heel bailing after his face was exposed instead of having a definitive unmasking at first.

The Super D split with Hayes and then each other came in January of 1980. Bobby Heenan was back from Georgia, so giving him a protected heel that had been in the camp of Lord Alfred Hayes positioned him as the top manager. The bit with Heenan almost immediately dumping SD Mark III was one of many cases of the AWA cramming several angles into one for no good reason. It could have waited. It led to Heenan and SD Mark II against Hayes and SD Mark III. It also led to Hayes seeking out his former arch enemy The Crusher as a partner and then losing singles bouts to Heenan on the way out.

Super Destroyer Mark II beat Super Destroyer Mark III in singles bouts in May and June of 1980 to send the latter out of the AWA. Sgt. Slaughter debuted at the WWF's TV tapings in late July of 1980, returned for the mid August tapings, then came in for the early September tapings, and finally the late September tapings without having appeared at a WWF house show. It was standard back then for newly arriving heels to get built up on TV before hitting the circuit, but four taping cycles may have been a record since it was usually two or three. While going east periodically to tape TV, he was still appearing in the AWA as Super Destroyer Mark II well into September and October. He also came back for the Christmas 1980 show, presumably to get a payoff while home for the holiday. During his last month or two as a regular, he'd split from Heenan and went out as a babyface.

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