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WWE and ROH in Negotiations to Work Together  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Tue Dec 3rd, 2019 04:34 am
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Superstar wrote: carpetbeggar wrote: I would imagine this will be his last chance to make some big money before he retires. The way things are now and the way he reinvented himself the last few years, I would say that he will make the most money he ever has in a year in 2020. This is the perfect time for a fairly well known wrestler's contract to end.It’s possible, but I would imagine that when he came to the WWF in his first go round that he made a good deal of money as a tag champ with Jacques Rougeau.  But with that said, he got in after all of the “Hogan money” was maybe he didn’t make much at all.  He also did an almost two year run in WCW when Bischoff was paying people to not work for the WWF, he then returned to the WWF in the late ‘90s after the “Stone Cold” money started to flow freely.  So even though now he’s in his 50s, you may be right about a big money run - and I think it could be in AEW.  They don’t mind pushing older talent, and it would give Jericho a fresh feud.  And Jericho would probably care about it too.
I forgot about that WCW run.

I would say his options are ROH, AEW or the indies. I think he could make a ton of money on the indies in North America, Europe, Japan, India, etc. If he is the hottest thing in ROH right now as rossi said, and Sinclair are serious about keeping ROH going, then I could see a big money offer given to him to stay. AEW would be worth looking at also if they want him. I am sure it would be a good offer money wise, plus he would work way less dates with them and at his age, it may not be bad thing to go with them. I could see Tony Khan really going all out in PCO's first appearance on TNT with major theatrics and props used in his entrance. 

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