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"The Great Nepotism Tourney"-1st ROUND PREVIEW  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Tue Sep 9th, 2008 02:18 pm
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Okay guys, good play in round.  With about a half hour left, I think it's pretty safe to call the majority of the Play-In Round matchups, and provide you with a preview for what's in store for Round 1.  But first, some Play-In Round thoughts:

* I grossly underestimated the nepotism factor for Jeff Jarrett and Kerry Von Erich.

* Great early debate about the relative influence of nepotistm for Dory Funk, Jr. and David Von Erich.  This tourney is very subjective, and there's a whole host of variables that need to be examined before making a final selection.  I think this tourney is setting up some great debate.

* Aside from Brad, most folks on this board hate the Armstrongs

* In retrospect, Sabu probably shouldn't have been included in this tourney since--as mrwaukegan pointed out--Farhat didn't have much influence in any office by the time his career started.  My bad. 

Now, without further adieu, here are the FIRST ROUND MATCHUPS:

1 George Gulas
8 Ron Fuller

4 Keith Hart
5 Sam Houston

2 Terry Tomko
7 Armand Rougeau

3 Rick Davis
6 Greg Gagne

1 Chris Von Erich
8 Art Barr   

4 Ken Wayne
5 Kendall Windham

2 Erik Watts
7 Jeff Jarrett

3 Big Daddy (Shirley Crabtree)
6 Steve Armstrong

1 Angelo Mosca, Jr.
8 Dustin Rhodes

4 Brian Armstrong
5 Joe Savoldi

2 Capt. Ed George
7 Kerry Von Erich

3 Kerry Brown
6 Bruce Hart

1 Mike Von Erich
8 Jimmy Golden

4 David Sammartino
5 Scott Armstrong

2 Gino Brito, Jr.
7 Joe Malenko

3 Ross Hart
6 Mike Graham

 Individual voting polls will follow shortly...

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