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Nick Kozak record book  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Sun Jul 12th, 2020 02:28 pm
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paulsosn wrote: Alright...can someone settle this matter? Did Lou Thesz defeat Nick Kozak for the Texas Heavyweight Title in Houston on 8/21/59 and lose it back to him a week later on 8/28/59???

Sources say Thesz beat Kozak on 8/21/59

I have seen conflicting results for 8/28, some say that Thesz won by count out. Others say Kozak regained the title also by CO.

Most records say Kozak had the title uninterrupted from July 3, 1959 until January 8, 1960

There is no 100% answer to this question. I got these results from the newspaper. The Houston newspaper never gave the kind of detailed results that you would get somewhere like Amarillo. Thesz did win via co on 8/21, and Kozak won the return match on 8/28, again via co. The best I can gather, this was treated as a title change in Houston, but it may have been that the title was held up or something similar. These matches were not recognised in any other towns, indeed Thesz left the territory for a few days in between the two Houston cards. This was a common occurrence though, with quick title changes that were only recognised in a single town. On the other side of the coin, Kozak did not defend the title during this week. So you can give Thesz a one week title reign, or just include it as a footnote to Kozak's reign. Wrestling history is not an exact science, and I just try to record the facts as I find them in local newspapers without adding any conjecture wherever possible.

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 Posted: Sun Jul 12th, 2020 03:18 pm
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Thank you, Kriss

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