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How about a Ken Jugan/Lord Zoltan record  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Tue Jun 3rd, 2008 10:29 pm
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Count Grog

Joined: Sun Oct 21st, 2007
Location: Fuquay Varina, NC, USA
Posts: 14326
I will try to dig up some old stuff if anyone can get me started?

"That's what I love about these high school girls, man. I get older, they stay the same age."
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 Posted: Tue Jun 3rd, 2008 11:25 pm
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Hall Of Famer

Joined: Sun Oct 14th, 2007
Location: The Bowels Of East Central Illinois
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Here are a few from Bruiser's WWA.

6/5/82 Indianapolis Market Square Arena
Steel Cage Match
Dick The Bruiser beat The Hooded Hangman
WWA champion Harley Race beat Rufus R Jones
Ali Hassan & Abdullah The Great beat Wilbur Snyder & Spike Huber to win the
WWA tag team title
Steve Regal drew Paul Christy
Bobo Brazil drew Jerry Valiant
The Hooded Hangman beat Mike Dupree
Ali Hassan & Abdullah The Great beat Ben Cagle & Jose Elizia
Zoltan The Great beat Mike Dupree
Harley Race beat Jose Elizia

6/19/82 Indianapolis Market Square Arena
WWA tag team champions Abdullah The Great & Sheik Ali Hassan dcor Dick The
Bruiser & Spike Huber
Rufus R Jones beat Jerry Valiant (sub Harley Race) dq
Paul Christy & The Hooded Hangman beat Wilbur Snyder & Bobby Bold Eagle
Steve Regal beat Gilbert Guerrero
Zoltan The Great drew El Bracero
Miss Bunny Love beat Rita Diamond
Jerry Valiant beat Bobby Bold Eagle
Rufus R Jones beat Zoltan The Great

7/10/82 Indianapolis Market Square Arena
WWA champion Harley Race ddq Dick The Bruiser
Wilbur Snyder & Rufus R Jones beat Jerry Valiant (sub Ali Hassan) & Abdullah The Great
Loser Leaves Town
Bobo Brazil beat Tiny Hampton
Paul Christy & Miss Bunny Love beat Spike Huber & Tina Carr
JR Hogg beat Zoltan The Great dq
El Bracero drew Max Blue
Harley Race beat Bobby Bold Eagle
Rufus R Jones beat Max Blue

3/12/83 Indianapolis Tyndall Armory
WWA champion Dick The Bruiser ddq Bobby Colt
WWA tag team champions Spike Huber & Steve Regal beat Paul Christy & Jerry Valiant
J.R. Hogg drew Leroy Redbone
Bobo Brazil beat Jerry Graham Jr dq
El Bracero drew Zoltan The Great
Greg Wojokowski beat Jose Elizia
Spike Huber beat Zoltan The Great
Steve Regal beat Wild Buerrio
Greg Wojokowski beat Wild Buerrio
Leroy Redbone beat Jose Elizia

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 Posted: Tue Jun 3rd, 2008 11:38 pm
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Joined: Sun Oct 14th, 2007
Location: New York USA
Posts: 32769
This could be a great one.  He's been around forever.  I remember Mik Foley putting him over in his book and he went from jobber supreme (in just about every territory) to the first King of the Indies.

I won't even try to post any results and compete with the other guys on this board, but in doing a quick search of my own match lists I found that I have 7 WWF jobs on tape that Ken Jugan did in 1983.

With Bill Burger he lost to The Invaders, with Angelo Gomez he lost to Andre the Giant in a handicap match, with Tony Garea/Swede Hanson he lost to the Wild Samoans/Samu, lost to Don Muraco, with Bobby Bradley lost to The Invaders again, lost to Eddie Gilbert, and with Bill Dixon lost to Eddie Gilbert/Brian Blair.

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 Posted: Wed Jun 4th, 2008 11:01 am
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Joined: Mon Feb 18th, 2008
Posts: 4620
Bruce Probanz lives as the Hangman.

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 Posted: Wed Jun 4th, 2008 12:25 pm
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Joined: Wed Dec 12th, 2007
Location: Parts Unknown
Posts: 3866
I can't resist a challenge!

1982-06-05  Indianapolis, IN vs. Mike Dupree  W  
1982-06-19  Indianapolis, IN vs. Rufus R. Jones  L  
1982-06-19  Indianapolis, IN vs. El Bracero  D  
1982-07-10  Indianapolis, IN vs. J.R. Hogg  L DQ 
1982-11-06  Cleveland, OH vs. J.R. Hogg & The Beast w/ Ed Bonzo L  
1982-11-06  Cleveland, OH Battle Royal  W  
1982-11-07  Parma, OH vs. Bobo Brazil  L  
1983-01-08  Brook Park, OH vs. Don Red Cloud  W  
1983-03-12  Indianapolis, IN vs .Spike Huber  L  
1983-03-12  Indianapolis, IN vs. El Bracero  D  
1983-05-07  Mishawaka, IN vs. J.R. Hogg & Jose Martine w/ The Black Saint L  
1983-05-10 WWF Allentown, PA vs. Tito Santana  L  
1983-05-10 WWF Allentown, PA vs. Salvatore Bellomo  L  
1983-05-31 WWF Allentown, PA vs. "The Invaders" w/ Bill Berger L  
1983-06-06  New Martinsville, WV vs. Joey Abbey  W  
1983-06-21 WWF Allentown, PA vs. Andre the Giant w/ Angelo Gomez L  
1983-07-12 WWF Allentown, PA vs. Tony Garea  L  
1983-08-02 WWF Allentown, PA vs. "The Invaders" w/ Bill Dixon L  
1983-08-23 WWF Allentown, PA vs. "The Wild Samoans" & Samula w/ Tony Garea & Swede Hanson L  
1983-10-04 WWF Allentown, PA vs. Don Muraco  L  
1983-12-27 WWF St. Louis, MO vs. David Schultz  L  
1983-12-27 WWF St. Louis, MO vs. Mil Mascaras  L  
1984-01-04 WWF Hamburg, PA vs. Sgt. Slaughter  L  
1984-01-20 WWF Pittsburgh, PA vs. Salvatore Bellomo  L  
1984-01-24 WWF Allentown, PA vs. B. Brian Blair & Eddie Gilbert w/ Bill Dixon L  
1984-01-24 WWF Allentown, PA vs. The Iron Sheik  L  
1984-02-14 WWF Allentown, PA vs. Mr. Fuji & Tiger Chung Lee w/ Steve Lombardi L  
1984-02-15 WWF Hamburg, PA vs. Paul Orndorff  L  
1984-02-24 WWF Pittsburgh, PA vs. Samula  L  
1984-04-27 WWF Pittsburgh, PA vs. B. Brian Blair  L  
1984-07-17 WWF Struthers, OH vs. Jay Strongbow  L  
1985-01-17  Philadelphia, PA vs. Dick Slater  L  
1985-06-08  Zanesville, OH vs. Yukon  L  
1986-10-11  Wooster, OH vs. Mike McGee  W  
1986-10-18  Weston, OH vs. Zarr Zanyo  W DQ 
1986-10-25  Pireton, OH vs. Boo Boo Herderson  D CO 
1986-11-08  Wooster, OH vs. Sonny Pride  W CO 
1986-11-16  Clarksburg, WV vs. Kurt Kaugman & Troy Orndoff w/ Bobby Duncum W CO 
1987-02-13  Clarksburg, WV vs. Crusher Klebanski & Tony Nardo w/ Umana Zanuk W  
1992-03-12  Washington, PA vs. Chris Cody  L  
 * Lost American States Wrestling Association Light Heavyweight Title       
1992-03-19  Herminie, PA vs. Chris Cody  L  
1993-02-20  Richmond, OH vs. Jesse Sellica  W  
1993-05-08  Conneaut, OH vs. "The Bushwhackers" w/ Jesse Sellica L  
1993-10-09  Cleveland, OH vs. Kid Collins  L  
1994-01-29  Hamilton, OH vs. T.C. Reynolds  W  
1994-03-26  Johnsonburg, PA vs. Johnny Graham  W  
1994-04-22  Cocolamus, PA vs. Johnny Graham    
1994-09-24  Munhall, PA vs. Lou Marconi  L  
 * Lost American Commonwealth Wrestling Mid-America Heavyweight Title       
1994-10-01  Lewistown, PA vs. Johnny Graham  W  Eye of the Hurricane Match
 * Won American Commonwealth Wrestling Light Heavyweight Title       
1994-10-09  Mount Washington, PA     
1994-11-18  Hamilton, OH vs. Scott Summers  W  
1995-01-21  Barberton, OH vs. Jesse Sellica  W  
1995-03-13  Pittsburgh, PA     
1995-03-19  New Castle, PA     
1995-04-08  Connelsville, PA     
1995-10-14  Lewistown, PA vs. Johnny Graham    
1995-10-22  Mount Washington, PA vs. Virgil    
1995-11-11  St. Marys, PA vs. Mikey Whipwreck  L DQ 
1996-04-13  Pittsburgh, PA vs. Scorpion  L  
1996-09-06  North Versailles, PA vs. Dennis Gregory  W  
 * Won Pro Wrestling eXpress North American Heavyweight Title       
1996-09-07  West Newton, PA vs. Dennis Gregory  L  
 * Lost Pro Wrestling eXpress North American Heavyweight Title       
1996-09-21  Dover, OH vs. Virgil    
1996-09-22  Mount Washington, PA vs. Virgil    
1997-06-29  Washington, PA     
1998-01-18  Irwin, PA vs. Christian York  W  
1998-02-08  Irwin, PA vs. Reckless Youth  L  
 * Lost Steel City Wrestling Junior Heavyweight Title       
1998-02-21  Parkersburg, WV vs. "Manslaughter" w/ Twister D NC 
1998-03-04  Morgantown, WV vs. Buddy Rose    
1998-07-09  Cambridge, OH vs. "The Bushwhackers" w/ Shirley Doe L  
1998-07-10  Irwin, PA vs. Jimmy Cicero & Don Montoya w/ Dennis Gregory W  
1998-07-31  Irwin, PA vs. Don Montoya  W  
1998-08-28  Irwin, PA vs. Cueball Carmichael & Jimmy Cicero  L DQ 
1998-09-04  Parkersburg, WV vs. Richard Aprin    
1998-09-27  Mount Pleasant, PA vs. Cueball Carmichael  W  
1998-10-10  Cambridge, OH vs. Chris Logan & The Blade w/ Shirley Doe W  
1998-10-18  Irwin, PA vs. "The Heartthrobs" w/ Shirley Doe W  
1998-11-13  Brockway, PA vs. Doink the Clown  L  
1998-11-14  Big Run, PA vs. Doink the Clown  W  
1998-11-22  Irwin, PA vs. Flex Wheeler & Nick Burke w/ Shirley Doe W  
1998-12-20  Irwin, PA Battle Royal (13-man)    
1999-01-16  Burnside, PA vs. Julio Sanchez    
1999-01-17  Weirton, WV vs. Mark Mest & Troy Mest w/ Shirley Doe W  
1999-04-07  Kent, OH     
1999-04-17  Weirton, WV vs. Robert Gibson  L  
1999-04-23  Stow, OH     
1999-05-08  Homewood, PA     
1999-05-15  Ashtabula, OH vs. "The Thrillbillies" w/ T. Rantula   
1999-06-19  White Oak, PA vs. Sheriff Steele  W DQ 
1999-07-30  Rostraver, PA vs. Dominic DeNucci  L  
1999-08-14  White Oak, PA vs. Powerhouse Hughes  L  
1999-11-26  Munhall, PA     
1999-12-11  White Oak, PA vs. Mark Mest & Max Havoc w/ Shirley Doe W  
2002-12-28  Butler, PA vs. Jake Garrett  W  
2003-01-31  Fairfield, OH vs. Joey Bravo  L  
2003-04-25  McKees Rocks, PA vs. Dean Jablonski  L  
2003-11-16  Johnstown, PA vs. Dean Jablonski  L  
2003-12-13  Monessen, PA vs. Powerhouse Hughes  W  
2004-01-10  Monessen, PA vs. Dennis Gregory & Powerhouse Hughes w/ Devin Devine W  
2004-02-21  Monessen, PA vs. Doink the Clown  W  
2004-02-29  Fairmont, WV vs. J.T. Hogg  W  
2004-03-13  Monessen, PA vs. Dennis Gregory  D CO 
2004-03-26  Latrobe, PA vs. Joe Integra  L  
2004-03-27  McKees Rocks, PA vs. Larry Zbyszko  L  
2004-04-03  Franklin, PA vs. Kim Chee  W  
2004-07-02  Prospect, PA vs. The Honky Tonk Man  L  
2004-10-09  Morgantown, WV vs. Doink the Clown  L  
2004-11-13  Monessen, PA vs. Dennis Gregory  W  
 * Won Championship Wrestling Federation Heavyweight Title       
2004-11-27  Bridgeville, PA vs. Dennis Gregory  W DQ 
2004-12-11  Monessen, PA vs. Dennis Gregory  W  
2005-01-15  Canton, OH vs. Jerry Grey & Mighty Heinrich w/ unknown L  
2005-01-28  Butler, PA vs. Doink the Clown  L  
2005-04-08  Butler, PA vs. Battman  W  
2005-04-09  Franklin, PA vs. Kim Chee  W  Legends Lumberjack Match
2005-04-16  McKees Rocks, PA vs. Rockin' Rebel  W  
2005-05-07  Johnson City, TN Battle Royal (12-man won by Dick Flanagan)  L  
2005-06-11  Monessen, PA vs. Dr. Feelgood  L  
 * Lost Championship Wrestling Federation Heavyweight Title       
2005-06-12  Monessen, PA vs. Dr. Feelgood & Brian O w/ The Russian Nightmare L  Three Fall Match
2005-06-25  Kittanning, PA vs. Doink the Clown  D DQ 
2005-07-29  Butler, PA vs. "The Gambino Brothers" w/ The Mauler W  Special Referee: Dominic DeNucci
2005-11-04  Butler, PA vs. "The Gambino Brothers" w/ Kris Krude L  
2005-11-20  Newville, PA vs. Tito Santana  L  
2006-09-02  Monessen, PA vs. "The New Breed" w/ Nick Crane W  
2006-09-17  Belle Vernon, PA vs. Doink the Clown  L DQ 
2006-10-07  Charleroi, PA vs. Doink the Clown  L  
2006-10-28  Monessen, PA vs. Eric Xtasy & Justin Idol w/ Nick Crane W  
2006-11-25  Monessen, PA vs. D.C. Bentley & Benny Benz w/ Nick Crane W  
 * Won Championship Wrestling Federation Tag Team Title       
2006-12-16  Monessen, PA vs. D.C. Bentley & Benny Benz w/ Nick Crane W  
2007-01-27  Monessen, PA vs. Eric Xtasy & The ShareCropper w/ Nick Crane W  
2007-02-10  Monessen, PA vs. Bobby Shields & Chris LeRusso w/ Amir Al-Jafari W  
2007-03-11  Cleveland, OH vs. The Honky Tonk Man  L  Spotlight Challenge Match
2007-03-23  Monessen, PA vs. The Masked Assassin & The Masked Express w/ Nick Crane W  
2007-04-13  Monessen, PA vs. The Beast & Dee Drake & Low Rider w/ Nick Crane & Apollyon L  
2007-04-14  Charleroi, PA vs. Doink the Clown & Bobby White, Jr. w/ Nick Crane W  
2007-05-05  Monessen, PA vs. The Beast & Dee Drake w/ Nick Crane L DQ 
2007-06-01  Bridgeville, PA vs. Thunder & Brett Paradise w/ Nick Crane L  
2007-06-09  Monessen, PA vs. Powerhouse Hughes & J-Ru w/ Nick Crane L CO 
2007-06-23  West Leisenring, PA vs. Thunder & Brett Paradise w/ Nick Crane W  
2007-07-20  St. Marys, WV vs. "Da Munchies" w/ Devin Devine L  
2007-07-21  Mannington, WV vs. "Da Munchies" w/ Devin Devine L  
2007-08-05  Cleveland, OH vs. Doink the Clown  L  
2007-08-17  Cleveland, OH vs. Doink the Clown  L  
2007-09-01  Monessen, PA vs. Powerhouse Hughes & J-Ru w/ Nick Crane L  
 * Lost Championship Wrestling Federation Tag Team Title 

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 Posted: Wed Jun 4th, 2008 12:39 pm
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6th Post
Count Grog

Joined: Sun Oct 21st, 2007
Location: Fuquay Varina, NC, USA
Posts: 14326
I will be adding some more but

May 18, 2007 Amsterdam, NY Missing Link (Dewey Robertson) pinned Lord Zoltan managed by Count Grog

"That's what I love about these high school girls, man. I get older, they stay the same age."
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 Posted: Wed Jun 4th, 2008 08:33 pm
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7th Post

Joined: Tue Nov 20th, 2007
Posts: 1607
Someone on tape I have him in a studio wrestling as Kabuki. What territory was that?

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 Posted: Wed Jun 4th, 2008 09:58 pm
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8th Post
Count Grog

Joined: Sun Oct 21st, 2007
Location: Fuquay Varina, NC, USA
Posts: 14326
he only did Kabuki for The Sheik and it wa like 1 or 2 times

"That's what I love about these high school girls, man. I get older, they stay the same age."
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