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Art Schilcter Scamming SB Tickets  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Sat Feb 5th, 2011 05:34 pm
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Poor Art!!!


Art Schlichter accused of Super Bowl ticket scam
Posted by Michael David Smith on February 5, 2011, 11:13 AM EST

Whenever we talk about Art Schlichter, the quarterback whom the Baltimore Colts selected with the fourth overall pick in the 1982 draft, you can assume it’s a story that’s only related to football in the sense that Schlichter is using his football connections to aid him in swindling people out of their money and then losing that money gambling.

So as soon as you saw “Art Schlichter” in the headline above, you should have expected something like this: The Columbus Dispatch is reporting that Schlichter is the target of an investigation by local and federal authorities centering on a sports-ticket scheme that has swindled people out of several million dollars.

Some of those people gave money to Schlichter because he promised he could get them tickets to the Super Bowl, and those people are currently stuck in Dallas without any way of getting into the Super Bowl, because Schlichter, of course, isn’t coming through with the tickets.

At this point you might be wondering what kind of people would trust Schlichter with their money. It’s a reasonable question: Schlichter has spent much of his life in prison for various crimes related to his gambling addiction and illegal activities that helped him fuel that addiction.

But Schlichter has a knack for finding wealthy people and convincing them to give him their money. That’s his gift. In this case, he seems to have pulled off the scam through his involvement with a wealthy woman whom he befriended while he was still Ohio State’s star quarterback, 30 years ago.

Schlichter confirmed to the Dispatch that he plans to speak with authorities soon, and he tried to portray himself as a suffering gambling addict who wants to assist other gambling addicts.

“It will help a lot of people,” Schlichter said in a text message. “This addiction is a [expletive].”

After he was released from prison in 2006, Schlichter told the Dispatch he was “more sorry than people will ever know.”

But apparently not sorry enough to stop.

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