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Vito Antuofermo  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Fri Oct 26th, 2012 02:45 am
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Papa Voo

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Vito Antuofermo

Born in Italy and moved to New York at age 17, Vito Antuofermo was the true definition of a tough guy. 

He won the middleweight title in 1979.

His claim to fame was his title defense against Marvin Hagler and the contest ending in a draw.  His next title defense was against Alan Minter and he lost the middleweight title in a 15-round split-decision.  He had a rematch with Minter and the bout was stopped with a TKO in Round 8 due to Vito's cuts.  Antuofermo also got another shot at Hagler, but that also ended in a TKO due to cuts in the 4th Round.

Even though he took a beating from Hagler and got his faced carved up pretty good, he put up a decent match against the future legendary champion. 

I remember that card with Hagler and Antuofermo being on regular cable TV during prime time or am I mistaken.

One thing for sure....this could bleed like a bastard. 

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