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Eric Decker Believe Ryan Fitzpatrick Will Be Jets QB  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Tue May 31st, 2016 12:20 pm
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At 20:29 on 2016 May 17. Eric Decker think Ryan Fitzpatrick will return to the Jets, this event does not sound like his casual, but the real thing will happen.Access procedure in the NFL on Tuesday released, Milanhoa person in charge heard Rhett Lewis interview Decker, RhettLewis asked Decker said Fitzpatrick will be back behind the Jets, and the race in less than four months of the season against the Bengals. Decker believes Fitzpatrick would. Now are commercial in nature, there is still a lot of dollars to make Ryan back, the whole team is very much like Ryan, in the next training, the team will come back if Ryan listed in the fall of great help.This dance has been long enough to make you wonder, if both sides do not get on the same page. Decker did not believe the Jets - who does not seem in the AFC, one of the most difficult programs - will need to adjust expectations, if Fitzpatrick is a street in the world and complete."Of course we have to design a higher fence, now Geno (Smith) has made good progress, before this season to do a lot of work, I think we have a hundred percent trust him." Decker said. "And now our systems are very mature, Chan Gailey always succeed at your situation, our defense is very large, so we know we have the ability to put these figures. "In this interview, Decker said he was surprised also spoke New York Christian Hackenberg selected in the second round of the NFL draft in 2016. Decker rolling mode here, but also so that the jet there is sufficient demand, they grabbed their second pick point polarizing quarterback at Penn State University."We see that there is a certain demand, we go out and get in the second round, which fully shows what the agency believes him as a player, as a person volume quarterback," he said. wearing a quartile position standing NFL jerseys, he is a man obviously had some ups and downs in college, but he has a good body, he throws the ball really well. I am really happy to see his development. "You have to think Decker, really, any other prominent players who got the Jets and the media presence of each event offseason quarterback asked endlessly. Fitzpatrick hope he gets better he's looking for, because he owes some of his teammates steak dinner raise.

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 Posted: Tue May 31st, 2016 09:57 pm
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If only we had a " Sports section " to put something like this thread into. ;)

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