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 Posted: Sun Sep 25th, 2016 06:25 am
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Who saw this coming ?

In a chilling account detailing human trafficking overseas, former major leaguer Adam LaRoche said his involvement as an undercover john catching child predators opened his eyes to the "darkest underworld playground of the devil that I've ever been in."

LaRoche recalled the harrowing events in an interview published Friday by The Washington Post's Tom Jackman, who chronicled the efforts of American nonprofit group The Exodus Road, as it attempts to rescue sex-trafficking victims by luring pimps into the hands of law enforcement.

"You go in and try to look like a john as much as possible," said LaRoche, who participated in a sting operation in Bangkok last year. "Try to act like them, talk like them. You don't go in and order a glass of milk."

LaRoche retired earlier this season after the White Sox no longer allowed his 14-year-old son to accompany him every day in the clubhouse. He later told ESPN his priorities were reshaped by his 10-day mission in Asia.

In his interview with the Post, LaRoche described the operation as moving from brothel to brothel, each "packed with foreigners," in an effort to track down pimps who force underage children to become sex workers.

"You're sitting next to these perverts, not only having to interact with them but become one of them," LaRoche said. "It's common to go shop around. You sit there, get a price."
While the group's intentions have been praised, skeptics also question its methods. There's concern over the safety of civilians like LaRoche, and questions as to whether these stings fall under the prism of entrapment. Among the critics is Paul Holmes, a former Scotland Yard detective.

"None of these people can be described as appropriately trained professionals," Holmes told the Post, "and should not be anywhere near a professionally managed undercover sting operation."

There's a more detailed article on this story in the Chicago tribune.

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 Posted: Sun Sep 25th, 2016 08:10 pm
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Ummmmmm...this is a weird dude. I'm sorry, but I don't think this is normal and I don't think he's doing a good thing here. He's just being weird and things are going to come out about this guy and his abnormal relationship with his son and apparently kids in general. Not to mention that entrapment is simply wrong and these methods are likely to get criminals off the hook rather than put them away. Rob Feinstein never served a day in jail exactly because of some amateur cowboy bullshit like this. 

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This thread was great before AA ruined it.
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