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Youtube & TV Problems  Rating:  Rating
 Posted: Wed Jan 2nd, 2013 12:46 am
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Papa Voo

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Okay, do not ask me how this all works, but I can tell you how it is supposed to work.

We got a blu-ray player that somehow links up stuff like youtube and Netflix to the TV. 

That is all fine.

The problem that I have been experiencing is that I will make a playlist of songs/videos from Youtube and then proceed to play them on the TV while we sit around and drink and socialize.

The problem that I keep encountering is that some of the videos in the playlist will just end and then instead of proceeding to the next video, it brings up the outline for a rating of the video.  There is no way that I know of to skip over this and move to the next song.  I have to go in and basically delete that video from the playlist and then forward through all the videos/songs that we already watched and heard. 

Why do some videos do this?

The other issue that I have is that there are other videos that I add to the playlist and they will not play on the Youtube on the TV.  They will play on the computer.  I was thinking ti has something with the advertisements placed on the video.  A small message will appear and say that video is being skipped over in 5, 4, ,3, 2, 1 and then the next video will play.

Has anybody mastered this to get through some of these problems with the Youtube and TV link?

The other thing that I do not like with the Youtube TV feature is that it would be good for the TV option to show all the videos on the playlist and let you sort through them that way instead of having to fast forward or skipping over them to get back to a specific point or video.

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