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Cop Tries To....What Else....Kill a Dog....Hilarity Ensues  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Mon Jan 6th, 2020 10:13 pm
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You know I try to keep any new anti-cop posts to a minimum because if I didn't, I'd be posting literally ten new stories each and every day. But this one has so much awesomeness in it. Three cops go looking for a guy with a warrant. The lady who had the apartment was cooperative. There was a large dog in a cage. The dog must have belonged to BLM because he escaped the cage when he smelled pork. Instantly fearing for their lives, the cops start running out of the apartment. For one of them that wasn't enough. He takes out his trusty shootin' iron and puts one right into the back of his fellow bovine. You can't make this shit up. Don't worry though, the department is investigating itself.

Lafayette, IN — It is no secret that police officers are unafraid to put the lives of innocent people in danger and pull their guns out to shoot at dogs. The Free Thought Project has reported on multiple instances in which cops have attempted to shoot dogs and shot men, women, and children instead. As the incident below illustrates, even their fellow officers aren’t safe from cops trying to kill dogs.

Officer Lane Butler is currently in critical condition in an Indiana hospital because one of her fellow officers tried to kill a dog and shot her instead. According to police, officers were responding to a complaint of criminal mischief Tuesday morning when the shooting happened. Police were at a woman’s apartment to see if a person wanted on a warrant was inside. Police noted that the woman was cooperative and let officers search her home.

Before the officers entered the home, the woman warned them that her large dog was inside and in a cage. Butler and two other officers then entered the home and began searching it. As they searched the home, however, the dog reportedly escaped from the cage and the officers then fled the residence.
As the officers fled, one of them felt it necessary to pull out their pistol and fire at the dog. Instead of shooting the dog, however, the officer shot Butler in the back. Butler was wearing a bulletproof vest, but the round went in just above the protected area in her upper back.

According to police, they took the woman’s dog and placed it in the care of Animal Control. “There’s a lot of unpredictable variables as a police officer when you’re out patrolling and replying to calls,” Lt. Brian Phillips said. “You never know what you’re going to encounter.”

Police have yet to identify the officer who shot Butler and have noted that there is currently an investigation underway.
“It’s a very difficult day for the Lafayette Police Department,” said Phillips. “One of our own was injured today.”
Police noted that once the investigation is complete, they will release all of the body camera footage.

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 Posted: Tue Jan 7th, 2020 01:01 am
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why Is the dog going to jail? It doesn’t sound like it bit anyone.

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 Posted: Tue Jan 7th, 2020 02:25 am
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You hear the one from Florida where the cops got a call of a girl screaming “HELP HELLLLLP LET ME OUT OF HERE”...they showed up at the house ready for a big problem and it was just a parrot screaming to get out of his cage?

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