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 Posted: Thu Jun 18th, 2020 07:50 pm
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Next chapter in the stupidity that is Management at my workplace. 

At the beginning of the week corporate sent out a system wide press release talking about cost cutting measures limiting extraneous spending make up for lost revenue during this period. 
So we were told we had an emergency conference call with our manager to discuss how this directly affected us. 

Effective immediately a hiring freeze, along with the lapsing of the agency contract for RN's once is finishes off. We're already short staffed, so now add more to this...which leads to the next issue. No promotions for 1.5 years, basically next November 2021. You can promote every  May and Nov. RN's move up from 1 to 2, and then a limited number to 3's and 4's. Most new RN's promote to a 2 within their first year, go through a residency and do a project to do so. 

So all of a sudden, all these nurses who just hit their 1 year anniversary this summer and were going to promote in November, just spent the last year doing all this work for nothing, and of course no raise associated with the promotion. So when this was brought up, my manager in her typcial fashion, tried to convince everyone it's not really about the money or title, to which one of the RN's replied...."yeah it is about the money or I wouldn't have wasted my time doing any of this since this isn't volunteer work" 

So today I get a text from one of my coworkers that 10.....yes 10 out of the 31 nurses on my unit all gave their notice. Every one of them was in the position to promote. So while I get their anger, I couldnt' figure out why they would all do so en masse. Turns out that our manager knew this was going to happen 2 months ago, and still had them continuing to do the work and classtime, knowing that they were going to be denied the promotion regardless. 

Now that's going to kill 1/3 of our staff by the end of the month when we've gone back to being filled again. Problem is, with a hiring freeze, there's no one to replace. Even if they could alleviate the freeze, it'll take at least 3 month or more to ramp up new staff, and that's usually based on having a few staggered new hires, not 1/3 of a unit since we don't have enough current staff to train them all. So figuring that their costs saving on these 10 nurses might have been 20-25k total in terms of the raises, they're not going to have to go on diversion since we won't have enough staff to fill all the beds on the unit, and lose more in revenue in a week than they would have had to pay out all year in raises. 

Spend a quarter to save a nickel. 

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