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 Posted: Sat May 2nd, 2009 08:34 pm
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stingmark wrote: Married Jo wrote: TV Show: WKRP WITH the original music. I have them with the generic shit they put in there, but its just not the same.

Movie: Up the Creek. I love that movie, but no DVD release...cheesy 80s shit, but I love it.

Up The Creek is one of the best 80's movies was released on DVD, but OOP a short time later. I've seen copies online, but they want big bucks for them. I'd love to see a re-release of it.

I never understood the OOP thing.  I have seen like Part II of a series be put to OOP while the third part of the series is still in print and it may have been viewed as not as good as the first and second parts.

Take the 60's miniseries, it is OOP.  The 70's miniseries is still out.  The 70's miniseries was reviewed as being alot worse than the 60's miniseries. 

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