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Not much here, but a little bit is available for searching.

May 23, 1944 Jacksonville, FL (Navy Arena)
Advertised: Ed Lewis, Babe Sharkey (current world champ), Sandor Szabo, Great Milo (I'm assuming Milo Steinborn)

January 25, 1964 Winter Haven, FL (National Guard Armory)
Promoted by Cowboy Luttrall
Lou Thesz (NWA world champ) vs. Skull Murphy
Eddie Graham/Haystack Calhoun vs. Duke Keomuka/Hiro Matsuda

February 8, 1964 Winter Haven, FL (National Guard Armory)
Bob Orton (Southern champ) vs. Don Curtis
Jean Antone/Frenchy Semard vs. Ann Regan/Chico Santana
Eddie Graham/Jerry London vs. Duke Keomuka/Hiro Matsuda
Pedro Godoy vs. Tim Woods

June 7, 1979 Starke, FL
Jimmy Garvin vs. Killer Karl Kox
Mike Graham/Steve Keirn (US tag champs) vs. Don Muraco/King Curtis
Bugsy McGraw/Thor the Viking vs. Charlie Fulton/Reggie Parks
Jerry Brisco vs. Killer Kahn
Skip Young vs. Frank Dusek

April 29, 1981 Starke, FL
Bugsy McGraw vs. Assassin 1
Mike Graham vs. Assassin 2
Manny Fernandez/Sweet Brown Sugar vs. Jacques Goulet/R.T. Tyler
Reggie Parks vs. Superfly I
Scott McGhee vs. Mr. Pogo

September 26, 1981 Starke, FL (National Guard Armory)
Promoted by the IWA (Independent Wrestlers Association)
Al Perez (IWA champ) vs. The Germany
one half of the Anderson brothers/Johnny Mantana vs. Don Hart/Mike Prather (no DQ, no time limit)

October 17, 1981 Starke, FL (National Guard Armory)
Don Hart vs. Don Anderson
Ann Quimby vs. Barbara Owens (strap)
Mike Prather vs. Assassin

March 5, 1982 Starke, FL (Bradford County High Gym)
Dory Funk Jr. vs. Bruce Reed
Mr. Wrestling II vs. Avalanche Tyler
Sweet Brown Sugar vs. Kendo Nagasaki
El Grande Apollo vs. Cyclon Negro
Eric Embry/Don Diamond vs. Masa Fuchi/Mr. Onita

May 7, 1982 Starke, FL (Bradford County High School)
Dory Funk Jr. vs. Sweet Brown Sugar
Brian Blair vs. Derek Draper
Jimmy Garvin vs. Terry Allen
Hiro Matsuda vs. Bob Russell
Bubba Douglas vs. Chris Markoff

September 6, 1984 Lake Butler, FL (Lake Butler High School)
Billy Jack vs. Dory Funk Jr.
Pez Whatley/Bugsy McGraw vs. Hollywood Blondes
Scott McGhee vs. Saint
Three more matches

August 24, 1985 Keystone Heights, FL (Keystone Heights High)
Promoted by International Wrestling Federation
Ox Baker vs. Billy Mack
Randy Rhoads (Randy Rose?) vs. Super Pac Man
Luke Graham vs. Vern Henderson
Chris Champion/Red Roberts vs. Mike Majestic/Mr. Wrestling II
The Crusher vs. The American
Dangerous Danny R vs. Lil Abner Collins

Bugsy McGraw also prominently advertised.

November 19, 1985 Keystone Heights, FL (Keystone Heights High Gym)
Promoted by IWA; to be taped for "national television"
Chic Donovan vs. Chris Champion (special referee Boris Malenko; one of these is the group's world champ)
Tiger Conway Jr./Terry Orndorff vs. Randy Rose/Doug Sommers
Bugsy McGraw vs. Red Roberts

Also advertised: Bugsy McGraw, Ox Baker, Vern Henderson, Raoul Amata, Mike Majestic, & Bob Cook

Isn't Terry Orndorff Shane Douglas?

June 7, 1986 Starke, FL (Bradford County High)
Don't you love indies? Promoted by American Wrestling Association
Johnny Montana vs. Super Destroyer
Dynamite Kid/Corey Stevens vs. Krusher Knopff/The Bounty Hunter
Mr. Wrestling II vs. El Diablo
Battle royal

June 9, 1987 Starke, FL (Bradford County High School)
Mike Rotunda (Florida champ) vs. Dory Funk Jr.
Steve Armstrong/Tracy Smothers vs. Butch Miller/Luke Williams
Ed Gantner vs. Samu
Mod Squad vs. Bill Mulkey/Randy Mulkey
Tijo Kahn vs. Jerry Grey
Cuban Connection vs. Jim Backlund/Colt Steele

Also advertised: Ron Simmons

March 12, 1988 Port St. Joe, FL (high school gym)
World Organization Wrestling
Mr. Olympia (US champ) vs. Bob Holly
Fargos vs. Bart Batten/Brad Batten
Ron Starr vs. Mr. Wrestling II ($5000 challenge match)
Two more matches

March 14, 1988 Wewahitchka, FL (high school gym
World Organization Wrestling
Fargos vs. Rock & Roll Express (one of which is US tag champs)
Mr. Olympia (US champ) vs. Ron Starr
Bob Holly/Ted Oates vs. Hacksaw Higgins/David Shawn Baxter
Samoans vs. Bart Batten/Brad Batten
One more match

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