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 Posted: Tue Oct 23rd, 2007 10:06 am
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The green WOW at the top of the board has been fun but it is too cheesy looking and it is time to move on.

Can't say we broke the bank on this (we went with free ones) and I gave Claw four selections and (of course) his "two he liked the best" didn't include "the one I liked best."

So here are three selections. They all do fit at the top of the board as I have learned my lesson and work on the board after ya'll go to bed. The "on fire" one does look a little out of place because of the color scheme. Tried it with blue print yet still "on fire" but it looked ridiculous. Nevertheless, I can see the orange "on fire" as possibly being one ya'll prefer.

If you think we are missing the boat and there is some clever and crisp logo we should be going with, let us know also. You can rip away at them if you wish but it is one of those times in life where it probably won't make your selections to work with much better.


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