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 Posted: Sun Jan 13th, 2008 10:35 pm
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Yeah I know - it's "working".

Every announcer told you things that weren't true -- and whether your bullshit detector went off or not I would like to hear them.

I am filing suit against the following wrestling announcers for feeding me the following bullshit.

Gorilla Monsoon used to tell us that to get a title match you had to be the "number one contender" which meant having had won a certain number of matches vs top competition. Bullshit.

Vince McMahon used to trace the origin of the Indian Strap Match right back to the dang Indians as this was how they settled the differences that couldn't be settled otherwise.  Uh huh. Sure.

Gordon Solie told me the Masked Superstar was a former Olympic athlete. I don't think so.