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 Posted: Sat Jul 4th, 2009 04:35 am
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5/17/62 Toronto
Bruno Sammartino beat Bulldog Brower
Jim Hady & Billy Red Lyons beat Nikita Kalmikoff & George Kosti
Sweet Daddy Siki beat Sam Steamboat
Haystacks Muldoon beat Tommy O’Toole
Mr. Kleen beat Juan Sebastian

6/11/62 Niagara Falls Memorial Arena
Sweet Daddy Siki beat Mr. Kleen
Billy Red Lyons beat Great Kudo
Haystack Muldoon beat George Kosti
Bill Soloweyko beat Donn Lewin
Ref: Tiger Tasker

7/9/62 Niagara Falls Memorial Arena
Yukon Eric beat Bob Stanlee
Bruno Sammartino beat Steve Stanlee
Mr. Kleen beat Taro Sakuro
Tony Marino beat George Kosti
Ref: Bunny Dunlop

"We are the priests
Of the temples of syrinx
Our great computers
Fill the hollowed halls
We are the priests
Of the temples of syrinx
All the gifts of life
Are held within our walls" 2112 By Rush!!