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Tacoma WA: January 11, 1962 Tacoma Armory Mr.Kleen won 10 man Battle Royal, entrants: Biil Wright, Buddy Knoz, John Foti, Gene Kiniski, George Kosti, Chief Crazy Horse, Roy McClarity, Alex Perez, Jackie Nichols Alex Perez beat Jackie Nichols Roy McClarity beat Buddy Knox Gene Kiniski beat John Foti Chief Crazy Horse beat Bill Wright {Promoter: Cliff Olson} {Ed. Note: Special Thursday night card.}

Tacoma WA: January 17, 1962 Tacoma Armory Gene Kiniski ddq Killer Kowalski (1-1) Mr.Kleen beat Bill Wright & George Kosti- handicap match Alex Perez beat Chico Garcia Roy McClarity beat John Foti (2-1) {Promoter: Cliff Olson/ Referee: Glen Detton} {Ed. Note: During the main event time keeper Al McLain was hit over the head by the participants, Mr.Kleen used his hold called the “Kleen Sweep”.}

Tacoma WA: January 24, 1962 Tacoma Armory Gene Kiniski beat Alex Perez (2-1) George Kosti beat Bill Wright Mr.Kleen beat John Foti Roy McClarity beat Chico Garcia {Promoter: Cliff Olson}

"We are the priests
Of the temples of syrinx
Our great computers
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We are the priests
Of the temples of syrinx
All the gifts of life
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