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 Posted: Sun Jul 19th, 2009 03:05 am
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I always wondered about the history of this team. I had never read about them in the magazines, 'nor seen them before until 1984 when Al Zinck revived International Wrestling which was headquartered in Halifax. Zinck brought in I think Mark Lewin to book and JJ Dillion, Kendo Nagasaki and Tio and Tapu and a few others from the Florida area. I think Lewin had the book at first until he wanted more money, then left which led to Dillion getting the book and bringing in Leo Burke as top babyface to replace Lewin who held that role. I'm not sure though as Dillion may have had the book from the beginning and Lewin was just talent. I know Dillion talks about it in his book, but I haven't read it yet. this was the first time I saw Tio and Tapu. I thought they were a pretty good tag team, but always regarded them as a Afa and Sika knockoff as that was who I was expecting when the Samoans were announced as coming in. They won me over by the end of their run here. What is their history? Claw do you and Hammer To Fall(or anyone else) have many results from them so I can follow their careers from where they got their start to where they ended up during their time as wrestlers? I'm not sure what really happened to them after they left Halifax, although I think they wrestled some more in Florida.
Sorry for the  long winded post, but I just wanted to tell all that I know about them...which isn't much.