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 Posted: Sun Jul 19th, 2009 05:37 am
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One Fan Gang wrote:  

Dillon's book states that JJ came from Florida to make a go as booker for the Maritimes; he had 50 percent of the office and was using Eddie Graham's tapes as programming as he got rolling.  He states Lewin was in for only 3 weeks and left because Dillon could not pay a higher guarantee, heading to work as a booker himself in Singapore.

Yeah That's it, Dillon was the booker the whole time. Thanks OFG for straightening that out for me as I had forgotten exactly what the deal was.
I'll tell you though for the short amount of time that Lewin was here he definitely made a great impression on me. I loved him. He was just so damn believable. I just told a story in the Dillon thread at KM about how great Dillon sold Kendo Nagasaki's salt to the eyes one night at the Halifax Forum. I miss Lewin. Underappreciated for what he did in the business worldwide IMO.