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The Samoans who worked Florida in 1973 were Tio Tio and Reno Tufuuli. Very good team, managed by Dandy Jack Crawford (until he got fired for continually being drunk and unreliable) who had one of the great tag team feuds of the 1970s with Mike Graham and Kevin Sullivan. Tapu, who I think may have been Tio's son, never worked CWF rings.

Tio Tio returned in 1976 and worked as a prelim heel, winning the curtian jerker, but usually losing when placed higher on the card.

Tio and Tapu did work for Poffo's ICW, and I believe they spent a little time in California as well. I know Reno worked as a babyface single for Shire in the mid to late 1970s after the team broke up. I don't recall the specifics of why they seperated, but do know that Reno wanted to be closer to home (San Fran) and was done with travelling.

JJ's book is great, and very underrated. His attention to even the most miniscule detail is amazing and he does go on at length about his time in Canada.

Lewin was considered a genius by many, while others site his blood and guts style of booking as the reason many terrirories burned out. Lewin also had well documented problems with drugs that cost him a job or two as well. Very good babyface, great heel, and good mind for the business. During his struggles with narcotics in the 1970s, according to some who knew him, his personality would change at the drop of a hat, making him very volatile.

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