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Tio & Tapu also competed as The Manchurians, Maoris, and Mongolians, and The New Guinea Headhunters.

Besides winning tag team titles in Florida, they won the NWA Mid-America Tag Team Titles on January 2, 1977 in Chattanooga from Rickey Gibson & Bill Dundee as The Samoans, they were initially managed by Jim "Cashbox" Kent and later by Ken Hawk. They lost the titles, and regained them from Ray Candy & Pez Whatley in July, 1977, they lost them to Candy & Whatley on August 6, 1977 in Chattanooga. They won the Southern Tag Team Tile in October 1977 in Memphis, while being managed by Bruce Swayze.

As They Manchurians they won the NWA Southeastern Tag Team Titles three times between February and June of 1980. They were managed by The Great Mephisto(Frankie Cain) and Sputnik Monroe.

They were in ICW(Angelo Poffo) in 1981-1982. Tio competed as The Great Tio and held the ICW TV Title three times between July, 1981 and early 1983. Tapu wrestled as Prince Tapu, they never won a tag team tile in their ICW tenure.

They may have temproarily split, with Tio competed in the Kansas City(Central States) region & Tapu in PNW.

They were declared The International Wrestling Global tag Team Champions upon the founding of The International Wrestling Association in May, 1984 in Nova Scotia. They were known as The Wild Samoans:Great Tio & Chief Tapu. They lost the titles to Rudy Kay & Herb Gallant on May 26, 1984 and regained them on May 30, 1984. The Great Tio subsequently held the titles with Professor Kato.

They captured the Southwest Tag Team Tile in the waning days of Southwest Championship Wrestling on January 20, 1985. They were known as The Maoris: Tudui(Tapu) & Wakahi(Tio). They were recognized as the first tag team champions of Texas All Star Wrestling the successors to Southwest Championship Wrestling. They dropped those titles to American Force:Paul Diamond & Nick Kiniski on May 25, 1985 in San Antonio.

They won the the Southeastern Tag Team in November, 1986 while known as The New Guinea Headhunters.

They also competed in a few other areas where they didn't win titles or wrestled solo.

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