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 Posted: Sun Jan 20th, 2008 01:13 am
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beejmi wrote: GREAT stuff WongLee ~ I can't find this kind of thing anywhere else. Love the Bockwinkle listings from the 1950s.

A couple questions

I notice in the early 60s there are "AWA Title defenses" by Fred Blassie - is that the "WWA" or was there some schmoz where for awhile in LA, Blassie had that recognition?

This is from 10-27-61

AWA Title Match:

Fred Blassie W/DQ Antonino Rocca

About when did Mil Mascaras begin to get the ball rolling in LA?

You will see 3 different names for this title. The AWA title which was the one that evolved out of Carpentier beating Thesz in 1957, the NAWA which was what the belt was called when Carpentier dropped it to Blassie, and finally the WWA title which was considered a legit worlds heavyweight championship.

You'll start seeing Mil when we get up to 1968.

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