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 Posted: Mon Jan 21st, 2008 02:51 am
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Tough weekend for most of us, below are the final standings and Super Bowl odds - if you are COOKIE, OMG65, BEEJMI or LOBO316 please PM your Super Bowl pick to QUATTRO between now and next Sunday night. Quattro will post them once he has them from the contestants that are still mathematically alive.

Your final pick should incluse the straightup Super Bowl winner, the winner vs the spread and (tie breaker) the final score. If you forecast "Team A" to win 38-20 and the final is "Team A" winning 21-17, then you would be off by 20 points in this example. As it stands currently Cookie and OMG65 are tied for the lead.

New England Patriots (13.5) vs NY Giants

Cookie 14

OMG65 14

Beejmi 13

Lobo 12

Benlen 11

The Hammer 10

Buddy PS 9

Clawmaster 9

Khawk 8


Kid Naitch 5