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 Posted: Tue Jan 22nd, 2008 04:25 pm
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Big can of worms here.

First off - 3 of the 20 most overrated wrestlers of the 1980's are in this bunch - David being the biggest offender.

David was fine in the ring buit his interviews were awful - no way he should get the title. 

Kerry - Awesome look.  Absolutely awesome.  Dumb as a bag of rocks.  Horrible interviews that improved when he got to the cue card WWF.  I like him best of the main 3 here.

Kevin - Good wrestler.  Decent interview.  Maybe the best all around of the 3.  But a midcarder anywhere other than WCCW.  Just not "exciting" to me.

I wont even get into Mike. 

Deaths and drugs killed WCCW.