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 Posted: Wed Jan 23rd, 2008 03:17 am
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clawmaster wrote: I watched them all in their primes. David was the best of the brothers. Then Kevin. Then Kerry. Mike was a joke. I don't count Chris.

I think Kevin would have been pushed in a lot of places. He was a Von Erich and was a good high flyer for the time period.

Kerry was the most charismatic of the brothers. He had star power because of his physique. The Modern Day Warrior gimmick suited him well too. Whenever I hear Tom Sawyer by Rush, I do think of Kerry.

I did not see as much of David in real time as I did of Kevin and Kerry. But on tape he comes off to me better as a heel. His Florida stint is proof of that. Track it down if you can. Maybe he could have worked as NWA Champion because he could be heel or face. I'd have rather seen Ted DiBiase get the strap if we are talking about wrestlers from that time period though.
I think they are overated yet underated if that is even possible. In retrospect they werent the best all around workers, each one lacked at least one thing.

Kevin seemed kind of boring. David's mic work was suspect, Kerry seemed to be sloppy at times in the ring, Mike was Mike and etc. At the same time the Big 3 could put on decent matches. As a kid watching them every week I thought they were awesome. Maybe the whole presentation is what made them seem so great.

People seem to have a problem seperating  Von Erich the wrestling perfomers from the Addkinsons. They get dogged because of the stigma of how they went out and their promotional decisions.

Clawmaster: You wrote you saw the Von Erichs in real time I am curious how old you were when it was real time? In all the discussions about the von erichs it seems everyone caught them as a kid or teenager. I always wondered how they were viewed by fans say who were adults when they were at their peak.

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