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 Posted: Thu Jan 24th, 2008 10:34 pm
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Okay, how many of you remember Brazil's run in the mid-70's? 

He teamed with SD Jones didn't he?  Were they in one of the fictitious tagteam tournaments? Was that for the belts stripped from the Executioners?  Were they in the finals? 

I always liked Bobo's move of being thrown into the turnbuckle and then as the other wrestler came running in, he would lift his leg onto the guy's shoulderblade and then use his other leg and pound the other guy on top of the head. 

Did he get shots at Graham?  I have not seen too much footage of Bobo around during this run?  Has 24/7 shown any Bobo matches from this time period. 

I think he may have made more than one run in the mid-late 1970's.

Feedback welcomed.

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