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 Posted: Fri Jan 25th, 2008 11:27 am
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Where does he rank?

Mixed feelings here. I did like his work in the ring but almost part of me feels like he went from being under-rated to over-rated.

I have seen his stuff from World Class (it's okay) but I first remember seeing him in WCW. He was a pretty interesting guy there and did what he could I guess when "Norman The Lunatic" is who you are facing on a regular basis.

I am thinking between WCW and ECW was when he did alot of his"Death Match" stuff in Japan (I didn't follow him through that)

Thought he was great in ECW. Possibly his best work. In terms of both in-ring and on the mic.

I don't really like the "Mankind" gimmick although I did (from a comedy standpoint) really like the "Rock & Sock Connection"

He's a former WWF champion and some people would put him in a Hall Of Fame without second thought. I need to think about that one.

In the middle of this he became an author with "Have A Nice day" going bonkers and Mick hasn't put down the pen since.