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 Posted: Fri Jan 25th, 2008 10:54 pm
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The third Executioner was yet another one of those moments that WWWF 70's fans would want to see.  I would love to see the following released on one DVD:


Arion heel turn on Strongbow & Sammartino


Nevermind....I will start a new thread on this.


Getting back to Bobo.  I am almost positive that Brazil and SD teamed and were considered contenders for the belts via the tournament.  The fictitious part was where they would say that there teams from all over the world competing in this tourament, but they were never announced or shown on TV.  I think they may haved faced and lost to Kamata and Volkoff.

I sometimes get this mixed up with the tournament when the Samoans won the titles back after losing it to Backlund & Morales. 

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