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 Posted: Sat Jan 26th, 2008 12:16 am
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Ron wrote:
February 13, 1976  New London, CT
Superstar Billy Graham won by COR over Bobo Brazil

July 16, 1977  Baltimore, MD
WWWF Champion Superstar Billy Graham beat Bobo Brazil

Expanding on that a little, looking at result listings on Cawthon's site, Bobo only had two MSG and two other Baltimore apps., plus the ones Ron listed,in WWWF territory in '77, so he really wasn't even in the territory much.

Papa Voo wrote:
... I am almost positive that Brazil and SD teamed and were considered contenders for the belts via the tournament.  The fictitious part was where they would say that there teams from all over the world competing in this tourament, but they were never announced or shown on TV. 
It's possible they used that as part of the backstory. I think the 12/7/76 date and the whole "tournament" was fictitious anyway. In the '80 "tournament" where the Samoans won back the titles they had lost at Shea Stadium, they actually did have "tournament" matches on Tv. Bobo never was in the area in '80.