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 Posted: Sat Jan 26th, 2008 02:26 pm
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Ron wrote: But by the same token, Cawthorns site does not reflect the WWWF, nor all its matches.  I can not look up this particular year because my server is down for some reason.  I myself personally have over 100 matches per year that Cawthorn does not have for any given year from the 60's to 1978.

His site does not reflect the correct schedules of the house shows yet.    I researched key cities that he does not have.  And I researched cities he does have.

I posted this before to give a feel of the territory for the mid 70's to the late 70's for the actual matches for the cities that were more than once a month.  I listed 10 before.  So to prove my point more I will add another city into this mix just to show you that I do have more cities researched and their schedules.  Cawthorns site is excellent, it is great.  But it is not a bible nor should it be used as one.  Way to much stuff is missing.

Every Friday = North Attleboro, MA
Every other Friday = Albany, NY
every other Saturday or almost = Philadelphia arena
every 3 weeks on Mondays = North Dartmouth, MA
every 3 weeks on Tuesdays = Philadelphia TV tapings
every 3 weeks on Tuesdays = Portland, ME
every 3 weeks on Wedesdays = Hamburg, PA
every 3 weeks on Wednesdays = Bangor, ME
every 3 weeks on Thrusdays = Poughkeepsie, NY
every 3 weeks on Thursdays = Worcester, MA

Now I will add this to the mixture:
every 3 weeks on Mondays = Utica, NY - till April of 1975
every 3 weeks on Wedesdays = Utica, NY - starting May 1976 and upwards

If you go to his site, this does not line up with him, because he is missing all this stuff and more.

Cawthorns site does not reflect this stuff.  He is missing many many many dates and cities he has no listings for.  To say a worker was, or was not in the territory going by what he has listed is inacuarate, if he does not have the territory represented. He is missing a lot of key B+ cities that at times are considered A cities.  He only has what has been floating around the internet,  since the internet was formed.  What Cawthorn needs is a few of his posters to go out and do research, and fill in things.  I do drop off information to where these cities are, and their exact schedules.  His users just need to do a lil work.

Then you should send him the results you have that he's missing.