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 Posted: Sun Jan 27th, 2008 02:44 am
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And if I do that now while creating my own website, wouldnt that contradict things?  It would look like I took the stuff from his site.  It is one of the reasons I quit dumping massive amounts to his site.  I am doing the research.  I am driving to the different cities up to 12 hours away to research stuff.  It is all out of my expenses.   If you think I ever only dropped off 200 to 300 results to his site and others your so wrong.  I used to dump tons and tons.  So why not take my own work and stick it out their and take the credit I deserve.  Giving it to other sites does me no good.

Nick the new guy can drop off one bad result that goes unchallenged, and he gets just as much credit as I do for dropping off 200 unknown verified results in one batch.  Nick the new guy is going off his Uncle's memorry of attending this card of wrestling.  He says to his nephew it happend on a Wednesday night because I remember your grandmother being in the hospital and we were late getting their.   Then he lists from his memory a card that never happened (because he is going by memories of different cards) , and the workers he mentions don't even fit the same time periods.  But it was snowing out, and it was after Halloween and before Thanksgiving so the date had to be Wednesday the (fill in the blank).

I consider my personal research as mine.  I feel if I am going out of my way to do research, then I have the right to get the credit for it.  Not some other site where I just blend in with someone who drops off 1 lineup/result.  So instead I am doing my own results site.  It is all verified and correct.  It covers cities that are not even covered correctly for years and years, that are the major cities, as well as the small unimportant cities.

I owe no one anything from my research.  I do not have to run to every website to give my findings to.  I do not owe any websites anything out their.  If I get a result from a website, I returned that finding 10 folds easilly.  So if you wish to think me a dick, because I am not running out to all these sites and dropping off all my stuff...  Take a look around.  How many top researchers do you think drop off everything they have?  They don't.  They have tons of stuff you never seen.  How many record books have tons of stuff that owner does not list on the web, because he found it himself, or the source tells them to not share it, because it came from a  private research.  I hate to use this example, but Vance Nevada doesn't even drop off everything he has, nor does he run to every website to see if their missing stuff, and fill them all in.  I dont even have the time to copy over the information from all the scanned microfilm I have collected myself, let alone to go dropping it off to other sites.  My research is mine, and I do share it when I have time, and where I want to share it.  But now it is time I get the credit for my stuff.

If I drop off a list like above dealing with how the circuit worked, and what days and the schedules.  I dont see why it is to hard for anyone to just go do it.  All the information is their.  They just need to show some initiative.   I love how I can drop that stuff, and there is always at least one person from a certain area that talks big about how he is going to go look up stuff, but he doesnt it.  He is to lazy and would rather wait for somone else do do it.  It is why I drop off that information at times.   Do I bitch because I did roadwork and then a year later I find out has the papers on line I researched for days in, and days out at some small library, and now the results are everywhere?  No I do not.  Why?   Because most subrscribers to their are not even sharring those results to everyone in the open.  I am not a whiner or someone who just bithches for no reason.  I do not even bitch about Kayfabe Memories, and I know most think I have some important role their behind the scenes and run it, to wjich that is untrue.  I rebuilt it manually,  I hosted it so there was no expense to having it on line.  So their was no adds or any nonsense.  It now sits in a company site I work with, and it sits their for free.   Is my name anywhere on the main site for a link to any of my websites?  No.  I did the work to get it back online,  I did the work to get it hosted some where for free.  I got the creator of the code itself for the board, to be on call to just one board of many out their.  And no one has ever heard me bitch because I am not good enough to have my own personal website plugged at the main web site, for all I have done, and continue to do.  So dont be thinking I am on some whining session on this and that, and that and this.  I am no different than anyone else when it deals with their stuff on the net.

I am doing my own wrestling results site.  Anyone is welcome to come their and see my work, and to take it and add it to their own record books and etc...   But I am not going to build up another website to make my site look like it copied everything from some other site.  I dont feel it is right for me to give my stuff away, and allow other sites to take credit for my research.  Let them come to my site and copy it, and then they can add me to their resources link.  I feel that is plenty fair.

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