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 Posted: Sun Jan 27th, 2008 08:53 pm
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I know I suck at typing and get carried away with long responses.

So lets look at it this way.  I take the time off of work.  I pay my own gas and meals and hotel rooms.  At times I will just sleep in my car, and I do that even in the winter in the North East to try to save money on my long tips. I will drive 12 hours or more strait stopping for gas only.   I go to these obscure libraries that are not carried in the state libraries, or the historical societies.  So it is why I have so much stuff that is not out their.  So now I sit in these libraries that are so outdated.  They have those nasty old chairs that are made out of wood.  Very uncomfortable.  Then i scan for hours and hours with the microfilm to gather as many clippings as I can.  I do not even stop to take a lunch break because I want to gather as much as I can from that city.  I pay to print my copies out.  Then I transfer them again as  I scan them at home to put them onto a photo progam.  Then I create the html files for them, and then create, or add them to another html file so they are indexed.  This is all done by me at my expense, not just travelling and doing it. But also at the expense of me taking off work a extreme amount of time.  I seriously see no reason for me to just give it all away and recieve no real credit to me, or to those who help transfer things over for me.  Their are members here on this site who have translated years worth of stuff for me.  So now we are just going to have a place to showcase this stuff and perhaps a lot more.