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 Posted: Mon Jan 28th, 2008 12:56 am
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Any one that is from the Albany area knows that the Albany papers lacked at times with their results.  So if a researcher moves away from the city, they come to Troy, NY and can research Albany their.  But even Troy was so so.  So you have to step farther away from Albany.  Now your in Shenectady, NY (spelling)   It is what I am currently researching.  It has better results, with all the matches included.  The albany and troy papers sometimes didnt report the results, and at times might only give one or two results for a card.  I was working in 1977 and have not gone back to do 1976 yet.  I only have the Troy and Albany papers for 1976 and earlier.  Next trip up I will be doing Schenectady again fo 1976 and older cards for the results.  So in a odd way..  I am researching Albany for its every other friday cards now for the 3rd time, because I am now in the 3rd city researching it.   If you do researching and your not finding what you want.  Step away from that city after you covered all the papers it has.  Step back to the nearest city.  It might surprise you that a smaller paper from a smaller city nearby carried it.  It is how I gather so many clippings and results.  Albany is a perfect example of this.


October 16, 1976  Albany, NY
Johnny Rodz vs Johnny Rivera
Tor Kamata vs Jose Gonzales
Gashouse Gilbert vs Tony Altimore
Executioners vs Bobo Brazil, Victor Rivera
Bruiser Brody vs Ivan Putski

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