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 Posted: Tue Jan 29th, 2008 05:39 am
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I know this doesn't really count, but there were tons of "chicken wire" or "chicken coup" type matches in Florida and Texas over the years which basically used the same exact psychology and I guess the barbed wire match evolved from that.  The thought being it's all used to keep farm animals in. 

And I can almost guarantee that the WWWF and especially the AWA never had anything remotely close.

But really WWC in Puerto Rico popularized the barbed wire match as we know it today (as well as fire matches) and FMW stole most of those ideas with Mr. Pogo originally being in WWC and then having a huge feud with Atsushi Onita in FMW.  In turn that was stolen by ECW through Terry Funk, who was involved with Pogo and Onita in FMW.  And then every two-bit indy on the planet killed the concept. 

Pre-1990, I suppose Dusty Rhodes was easily the king of the barbed wire match among Americans and The Sheephearders-Fantastics series were probably the best actual matches.

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