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 Posted: Tue Jan 29th, 2008 02:57 pm
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srossi wrote: He's good but he's missing something.  He just doesn't draw people in.  But he's wrestled just about everywhere and is always a "solid hand".  WCW, AJPW, ROH, and now WWE.  But as far as cruiserweights go, I prefer Jamie Knoble (just gold in everything he does) and Paul London.

I see what you're saying, because re JWY I just don't give a damn.  I'm glad a guy like him is getting over to a point, and kudos to the man for making THE DEFINITION of "bad gimmick" work.  But I still fail to give a damn.  He's missing something, for sure.  And I'd definitely rether watch Noble or London.  Or Kendrick or Chavo.