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 Posted: Sun Nov 1st, 2009 12:09 am
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Dan Anderson

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6-17-1990 - Hinckley, MN
Tommy Jammer def Larry Zbysko DQ
Jonnie Stewart drew Buck Zumhofe
Larry Cameron def Jimmy Valiant
Tim Hunt and Big Rhett def Joey Cazano and Jerry Lynn
"Yukon" John Nord and Baron Von Raschke NC Wayne Bloom and Larry Cameron
Ricky Rice def Charlie Norris
Derrick Dukes def Shiek Adnan Al-Kaissie

7-11-1990 - Westfield, WI (Marquette County Fair)
Jonnie Stewart drew Buck Zumhofe
Hangman Psycho def Dave Gusto (when Hangman Killer snuck into the ring and pinned Gusto)
Tommy Jammer def Hangman Killer
Baron Von Raschke def Larry Zbysko (AWA champ) DQ (non-title) (Zbysko struck the ref)
Buck Zumhofe and Steve Berg def The Destruction Crew DQ

12-9-1990 - North St. Paul, MN (High School)
Johnny Love def Kenny Jay
Baron Von Raschke def The Alaskan
Denise Storm def Sexy Cindy
Rick Ferrara DDQ Terminator Riggs
Ken Patera, Steve O and Jim Brunzell def The Punisher, Mike Enos and Wayne Bloom (Patera pinned Punisher)
Baron Von Raschke won 15 man battle royal when he eliminated Enos and Bloom at same time.

5-3-1991 - Bloomington, MN (Bloomington-Kennedy High School)
Greg Gagne and Wahoo McDaniel def The Destruction Crew (Gagne pinned Enos)
Buck Zumhofe def Johnny Love
The Karate Kid def Tokyo Joe
Larry Cameron def Tommy Jammer
Steve O def Ricky Rice