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 Posted: Mon Nov 9th, 2009 01:48 am
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One Fan Gang wrote: clawmaster wrote:  12/2/78 Milwaukee, WI @ Auditorium
Texas Death match
Greg Gagne & Jim Brunzell beat Bobby Duncum (sub Nick Bockwinkel) & Bob Orton Jr in 20:52 when Orton Jr could not continue after the 10th fall
1. Duncum pinned Brunzell
2. Duncum pinned Brunzell
3. Greg pinned Duncum
4. Orton pinned Greg
5. Orton dq’ed for flipping Greg over top rope
6. Brunzell pinned Orton
7. Brunzell pinned Orton
8. Greg pinned Orton
9) Brunzell dq’ed for posting Orton
10. Greg over Orton with figure-4 leg lock; Orton CNC
Mask At Stake
Super Destroyer Mark II beat Larry Hennig via pin in 11:36
Cowboy Lang & Coconut Willie beat Lord Littlebrook & Billy The Kid when Willie pinned Kid in 18:36
Bobby Duncum beat Frank Hill via pin in 8:22
Steve Olsonoski beat Iron Sheik dq in 14:42
Att: 5,670

I have Duncum listed as a sub for Bobby Heenan on the lineup rather than Bockwinkel.

Lord Littlebrook subbed for Little Tokyo.


I remember reading a post or two from the KM board that said this card was shown on live tv in Milwaukee. It was either that, or the main event was filmed by a local miwaukee tv station with clips being shown on the evening news.

I don't remember which is accurate.

The SD II-Hennig matches were off of a tv angle where SD II attacked Hennig during an arm wrestling challenge in the studio. Tape of this surfaced a few years back. I assume they went around the horn with various matches off of it.