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 Posted: Mon Nov 9th, 2009 09:48 am
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Benlen wrote: Alex Smith is a fucking shit head QB.

He's not that bad. He's had offensive scheme changes, a shitty rb(until recently), and a shitty O line(sounds like the Lions qb's?)  Let Smith play a full season with the weapons they have now? he might be great. 

Then again, Smith's been in SanFran for some time, and looks like he stinks. I'm telling you though, you'll get rid of him this offseason, and he'll be great, watch.


Look on the brightside: at least you're not a shitty Lions fan, like i am. They can't seem to do anything right/ Although, I do think Stafford will be a stud for many years, and that Schwartz will turn around what Millen "the Moron" has done. I don't think I despise anyone more in sports than Matt "The Moron" Millen, Not even Jim Tressel/Kobe Bryant, Former Tigers GM Randy "Dumbfuck" Smith, or the NE Patriots(and thats hard for me to say).


hell, i dont even "dispise" HHH as much as I do Matt "The Moron".

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