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 Posted: Tue Nov 24th, 2009 06:16 am
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sek69 wrote:
It's funny, my wife came in the room while Vince and Jesse were announcing and she (who was a fan growing up in the 80s) did the closest a non-fan can do to marking out over hearing them call a match again. Her exact words were "I like when these guys are announcing, everyone else they have do it sucks".

Can't say I disagree. I do wish someone would have done a backdrop so I could have heard Vince bust out BAAAAAAAAAACK BODY DROP~! one more time.

I kinda wished that Vince would have just went for it. Really went old school with it. Instead, he just kind of sounded tired and old.

I did mark out for him coming out to the old SMNE theme song. I know it's a real song, and I'm sure the next post will be someone giving its details.

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