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 Posted: Sat Dec 26th, 2009 06:39 pm
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3/10/56 St Louis
Handicap Match
Guy Brunetti & Joe Tangaro beat Buddy Rogers dq
Bobby Bruns beat Ike Eakins dq
Little Beaver & Pee Wee James beat Otto Bowman & Ivan the Terrible
Stu Gibson beat Ramon Cernandes
Johnny Kostas beat Al Warshawski

9/14/56 St Louis
NWA Champion Whipper Billy Watson beat Buddy Rogers dq
Chest Bernard beat Sammy Ford
Joe Dusek & Mike DiBiase drew Dr Lee Grable & Dick Brown
Tex McKenzie beat Frank Valois
Barbara Baker beat Millie Stafford

10/5/56 St Louis
NWA Champion Whipper Billy Watson no contest Buddy Rogers
Penny Banner beat Bonnie Watson
Tex McKenzie beat Sid Nabors
Dr Lee Grable & Bobby Managoff beat Chest Bernard & Joe Dusek
Cowboy Bradley beat Ivan the Terrible

10/19/56 St Louis
NWA Champion Whipper Billy Watson beat Wladek Kowalski
Buddy Rogers beat Tex McKenzie
Ernie Dusek & Joe Dusek drew Dr Lee Grable & Bobby Managoff
Mighty Ursus beat Lou Plummer
Mark Starr beat Red Freeman

1/11/57 St Louis
Handicap match
Edouard Carpentier & Pat O'Connor beat Buddy Rogers
Mighty Ursus beat Bill McDaniel
Stu Gibson beat Rocky Monroe
George Bollas & Mike Paidousis drew Guy Brunetti & Joe Tangaro
Joe Millich beat Carlos Moreno

2/22/57 St Louis
NWA Champion Lou Thesz beat Edouard Carpentier
Buddy Rogers beat Bob McCune
Handicap match
Fritz Von Erich beat Ramon Cernandes & Billy Darnell
Richard Brown & Billy Darnell beat George Bollas & Mike Paidousis
Stu Gibson drew Billy Red Lyons

3/1/57 St Louis
Fritz Von Erich & Buddy Rogers beat Edouard Carpentier & Pat O'Connor
Bob McCune beat George Bollas
Belle Starr beat Millie Stafford
Billy Red Lyons drew Mike Paidousis

3/29/57 St Louis
Buddy Rogers beat Billy Darnell
Billy Red Lyons & Bob McCune beat Lou Plummer & Ian Campbell
Stu Gibson no contest George Bollas
June Byers & China Mira beat Bonnie Watson & Penny Banner

4/12/57 St Louis
Buddy Rogers beat Fritz Von Erich
Tex McKenzie beat Hans Hermann
Billy Darnell drew Stu Gibson
Wilbur Snyder & Donn Lewin & Mark Lewin beat George Bollas & Lou Plummer & Mike Paidousis

4/26/57 St Louis
Bobby Managoff & Buddy Rogers beat George Bollas & Fritz Von Erich
Stu Gibson beat Donn Lewin
Mark Lewin beat Ian Campbell
Billy Red Lyons drew Lou Plummer

That's enough St. Louis for now. This project is gonna take a LONG time.

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