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 Posted: Sat Feb 9th, 2008 02:56 pm
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Back in the 70's and 80's I took the hour and a half ride to Hamburg, Pa. for the WWWF/WWF TV Tapings. Started going in the 6th grade with my friend Alan and his dad. One  Weds..  late afternoon sitting on his Jeep wagoner tailgate was the 601 pound country boy himself Haystacks Calhoun. And by his side was a cute terrior type dog. Now Haystacks was a real nice guy, as he was surrounded by all us fans. Giving autographs, shaking hands all the while smiling and calling us all neighbors.

This old fella that worked for the WWWF, took jackets, ect... type worker, came out and told Haystacks it was time to get ready for his matches tonight. well he closed up his Jeep and left his dog on a long chain tied to the jeep. As Haystacks made his way across the Field House, The Valiant Brothers, Jimmy & Johnny came out of the locker room and went outside. They made there way to the Little terrior Dog tied to the jeep. The Valiants not up to good intentions for sure gave the poor poochie a coke a cola bath...

Someone told Haystacks as he made his way, very fast I might add to the rescue of his beloved K-9. I never seen anyone as pissed as the big boy from Morgans Corner. He came in holding his dog and practicly in tears begged Gorilla Monsoon for a match against the Valiants. He got it for a Dark Match that night as this was an added attraction. Haystacks chose Jay Strongbow as his partner. The match itself was just a brawl as when the Stacks would get tagged in the Valiants scattered like the rats that they were. Albano interfered and got his boys DQ'd. But Haystacks got revenge for his dog as he left Jimmy a bloody mess via a shot with his horseshoe.