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 Posted: Sun Feb 10th, 2008 12:32 am
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Well, if you can believe everything you read in the rasslin' magazines of my youth, a woman named Mildred Burke was the best thing since sliced bread.  And no, I have never seen her and know nothing of her other than that.  Well, that and I remember seeing some picture of her looking all burly and muscular.

For those interested, there is some WWII era footage of Mildred Burke on this clip at about the 6:40 mark, which features the commentary of her giving her opponent a "tummy massage and a facial":

Btw, entering the name "Mildred Burke" in the Youtube Mr. Searchy turns up a few 60s era fetishy silent films of small men rassllin' against burly women.  I'll leave explaining that to others....

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