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 Posted: Sat Jan 9th, 2010 08:25 am
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silentkiller wrote: victhestick wrote: I'd take Jack Morris any day of the week, big game pitcher.
Curt Schilling's postseason numbers blow away Morris and Schilling was better in big games than Morris. I think Schilling was better than Morris by a wide margin.

Maybe...Morris came up huge though in big games. Not saying Curt didn't. But, did Schilling ever pitch a fucking 10 shutout in a WS game? Morris has a no-no(I think Schilling does too), and Morris has about 40 more wins than Schilling. Plus, how many 20 win seasons between the 2?

BOTH are wonderful, but I've seen Morris pitch several times, and the guy's a fucking stud. Those Split finger fb and Forkball pitches really made Morris a stud.

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