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 Posted: Wed Jan 13th, 2010 11:01 am
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Kicks off on Saturday. I love when there is Saturday football.

Saturday afternoon has Arizona at New Orleans. Saturday night has Baltimore at Indy.

Sunday has Dallas at Minnesota. Jets at San Diego later on.

Just a few thoughts (opinions)

The Saints have been cold for a month now. Can't imagine the Cards having much left after last week though. 

The Ravens are playing their fourth straight road game and vs a team that has been "resting" for weeks now.

Dallas at Minnesota. Everybody loves the Cowboys here. Not sure I'd take Romo over Favre in a big game. The defenses and running games are comparable. The Cowboys are the hottest team in football right now. Potentially the best game of the weekend.

Jets at San Diego. As much as I like the Chargers I have a nervous feeling that this game could be trouble from a matchup standpoint. You have a solid defense (Jets) playing at it's peak and pretty much being able to key in on one side of the ball (San Diego will not be able to run on them)