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 Posted: Thu Jan 14th, 2010 05:21 pm
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Very interesting points.

Just speculating, but I'd say that maybe in some instances ideas were dropped quickly, but once the ship would gain momentum in some direction it would at times be hard to shift. I would guess that once they settled on Samoans vs Adonis/Murdoch for late Spring and early summer of '84, they did not have much foresight into the next step with so much going on and so many new guys being signed. They started booking 2 and then on some nights 3 arenas per night, so when a few programs could be considered mainstays, they were left going for a while, lest there be even more balls in the air at once.

Maybe Hogan got hotter faster than originally thought, so they may have become scattered in how to use him. In the east, the program with Shultz fizzled - they did the NY-area battle at the Meadowlands in a 7 minute clean win for Hogan if I recall. Perhaps when they first programmed Shultz vs Hogan it was before they came up with other areas where they could use, or needed to use Hogan. It was not long before the attendance for Hogan shows started to largely outdraw some of the B and C crew house shows that had Sgt Slaughter on top. So the Shultz angle passed quickly. I am just guessing here.

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