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 Posted: Thu Jan 14th, 2010 06:39 pm
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When in '84 was Superstars added?  What was generally the format and when did it change if it did?  I only have one ep from early spring and it's hosted in a bright blue studio with exclusive interviews including an exclusive Piper's Pit, plus a few Kiel matches and some recycled matches from Championship or All-Star.  I have some clips from later in the year of an episode where Roger Kent and Blackjack Mulligan hosted and the matches are from Maple Leaf Gardens with new commentary by the hosts.

Studd's million managers is one of the weirder things if you watch TV from that era.

The Piper-Snuka thing reminded me that I read something awhile back about how much of a mess the syndicated TV (at least Championship) was in the middle of the year, so I'd like to hear more about that.

How long was TNT a two hour show/when was it cut to an hour?  Did the longer format usually feature regular matches instead of just clips to introduce the guests?

How long was the Chase show taped at the hotel (returning to the ballroom after the NWA show had been in the TV studio for years), how long was it made up of Kiel footage (and was there footage from other shows when it was Kiel-based), and when did it become a renamed version of one of the other syndicated shows (first Superstars, then Championship, I think)?  How long did the Chase name last after it became a renamed regular syndicated show?  How much Chase ballroom footage aired on the other shows during the initial tapings (I know that Mil Mascaras vs Gil Guerrero aired on All American)?

How much footage aired on the TBS shows (and to a lesser extent All-American, TNT, and Superstars) that didn't air elsewhere?  Besides the exclusive interviews on both shows and the interstitial segments with the wrestler guests on the Sunday show, I know that they aired footage of the Met Centre debut that hasn't shown up anywhere else.