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srossi wrote: Bix wrote: Another odd thing I just remembered is that someone told me that on Maple Leaf Wrestling, they'd push George Welles and Lanny Poffo more than they did on the US shows.

Though that would've been '85 for Poffo.

Who did Poffo actually beat on Maple Leaf Wrestling?

Here are some odd results from the Canadian syndicated tapings.

7/10/84: A squash win for Gama Singh. Pat Patterson was jobbing towards retirement at the house shows and not getting pushed on TV anymore, but won a squash. 

8/6/84: Ivan Putski, whom they seemed to have no real plans for, got a count out win over Paul Orndorff. Rare squash wins for The Spoiler, Mad Dog Vachon, and Gama Singh.

8/29/84: Dynamite Kid teamed with Bret Hart to win a squash and got another one in singles action. I'm pretty sure neither man appeared stateside for a while.

9/24/84: This time Bret Hart teamed with Davey Boy Smith in a squash win while Dynamite worked solo. The Moondogs and Iron Mike Sharpe got squash wins.

10/8/84: Big John Studd and Nikolai Volkoff teamed to beat SD Jones and Samula.

10/29/84: The Spoiler won a squash with both Captain Lou Albano and Greg Valentine in his corner.

11/19/84: The Moondogs won a squash.

12/16/84: The Moondogs won another squash and so did The Spoiler who was now managed by Johnny Valiant.

1/7/85: Two squash wins for Angelo Mosca Jr. who didn't appear anywhere else on the circuit, but Ontario cards. Andre and JYD teamed to win a squash when they rarely put Andre on TV unless it was for an angle.

1/20/85: Bret Hart and George Wells teaming to win a squash. Albano seconding Hillbilly Jim. The Spoiler getting yet another squash win even though he wasn't being pushed at the U.S. tapings. Jim Neidhart worked as a single with Mr. Fuji as his manager.

2/20/85: Luc Porier being given a squash win that apparently made TV.

3/85: (beginning of the month) Another squash win for Luc Porier, plus George Wells teamed with Tony Atlas to win a squash.

3/85: (end of the month) Yet another win for Luc Porier who never wrestled for the WWF stateside, plus a squash win for George Wells and SD Jones.

5/25/85: Donna Christenello wins a non title match over Wendi Richter after interference from The Fabulous Moolah. George Wells and SD Jones got another squash win.

6/18/85: Lanny Poffo won a squash over Mr. X.

7/15/85: Lanny Poffo and George Wells teamed to win two squashes.

7/29/85: Lanny Poffo and George Wells got another squash win.

10/85: This time Lanny Poffo teamed with Tony Atlas to win a squash, plus Iron Mike Sharpe got a squash win!

11/85: Lanny Poffo teamed with Corporal Kirschner to win a squash, plus Tony Atlas won a squash teaming with Ivan Putski who wasn't getting any TV time at the Poughkeepsie tapings.

12/2/85: Junkyard Dog, who was headlining B shows and working semi main event spots on the A shows was teamed in a squash win with Dan Spivey whose minor push hadn't even really begun.

1/13/86: Bob Orton Jr. was still Roddy Piper's bodyguard, but he was on the losing side of a match against Tito Santana and Pedro Morales with Johnny K-9 as his partner.

6/16/86: Cousin Luke got a squash win even though the Hillbillies push was over with Uncle Elmer having gone back to Memphis and Hillbilly Jim not wrestling at the time.

7/7/86: Squash wins for the Moondogs, Brickhouse Brown, and King Tonga and Siva Afi who got a minor push as a team before Afi went back to jobbing and Tonga Kid came aboard.

7/28/86: A squash win for Cousin Luke. Bob Orton Jr. teamed with Hoss and JJ Funk for no apparent reason. Johnny Valiant worked a six man squash with the Dream Team. Iron Mike Sharpe got nine minutes against Tito Santana. Plus Owen Hart got a non televised try out match.

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