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 Posted: Thu Jan 14th, 2010 11:53 pm
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They taped at the Chase Hotel on 12/27/83, 1/16/84 and in 2/84 on an undetermined date. Then the St. Louis house shows on 2/10/84, 3/2/84, 3/23/84, 4/6/84, 5/5/84, 5/25/84, 6/15/84, 7/20/84, 8/10/84, and 9/1/84 were all used as tapings. 

Per, a Mil Mascaras vs. Bobby Colt match from the 1/16/84 Chase Hotel taping aired on All American as well, but it doesn’t look like anything else from the three hotel tapings turned up on other shows.

Once they started taping at the house shows, matches turned up in other places as follows per

2/10/84: Wrestling at the Chase, All American, Championship

3/2/84: Wrestling at the Chase, Superstars

3/23/84: Wrestling at the Chase, All Star

4/16/84: Wrestling at the Chase, All American, Superstars

5/5/84: No show specified, but labeled a taping.

5/25/84: Wrestling at the Chase

6/15/84: Superstars, TNT

7/20/84: Superstars, TNT

8/10/84: Prime Time, TNT

9/1/84: TNT

Graham’s site is not the gospel, but his results don’t show a match from Superstars until 4/10/84 and his last Wrestling at the Chase results are dated 6/24/84.

I'm curious as to where he got the Superstars results (other than 4/10/84, which I sent him based on the one full show I have), since I haven't seen any episodes floating around, unless the show was being rebadged in St. Louis as Wrestling At The Chase by that point and whoever sent the results was going by those, which are easier to find.

I take it that you don't know when Superstars started other than that it was launched with the expansion at some point in '84?  I remember reading a book that mentioned the launch of the show but I can't remember what it was.